Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and New Additions!

We had a wonderful Halloween. M was Frankenstein for trick or treat night, an indian for the school Harvest festival, and K wore M's first Halloween costume and was a bear. When M wore the bear costume she was 4 months old. K is wearing the bear costume at 16 mths old.

Bear with candy and a pumpkin!

I need help opening my candy!!!!

Indian girl!

Frankenstein with our owl cave! Daddy, Bear and Auntie D are in the background!

M's Pumpkin!

Lit up on Trick/Treat night! M receive way too much candy and we actually had some leftover which, I think, is a first for our neighborhood. We get around 200+ kids and are usually worried that we will have enough to make it through the night. We are taking our leftover candy to a local dentist that will buy it back ($1 per lb) and then send it all overseas to our troops. If you want to unload the sugar you can look for a dentist in your area here:

In other news, we have added to our family. Meet Guinea Pig 1 - to be named later....

And Guinea pig 2.... to be named later also.

And then I have these guys plus 6 more of their friends.

Anyone who knows me gets that I'm crazy about crows. I read a story about a woman who took unshelled peanuts on her daily walks. As crows would fly overhead she would throw the peanuts up in the sky to them. After time they would be waiting for her and would accompany her on her morning strolls.

I thought I'd give it a try realizing that it could take some time. It took 3-4 days. The first day that I heard them cawing in our neighborhood I went out into our backyard and as they flew over I threw peanuts up at them. I saw one of them turn its head and look.

The next day my hubby told me that they showed up in our backyard trees. When I saw one later in my neighbors tree I went out and pitch a few peanuts in our backyard.

This morning all eight of them were in my tree outside the kitchen window cawing. I grabbed a handful of peanuts, went outside and as I was throwing them in the yard the crows never got spooked. They just waited until I went in and started eating. By the way I thought they would crack open the shells and eat the peanut inside but they swallow them whole. You can see this guy gobbling up his peanut, shell and all..

My mornings are now filled with not only getting breakfast for K and M but for Guinea 1 and 2 and Crows 1-8.

How fitting on Halloween weekend to have a murder of crows come for breakfast!

Hope you all had a wonderful, magical, spooky, sugar-filled fun Halloween!

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  1. Those night photos look really good, and of course, the crows.....