Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last Weekend, part 2 - Young's Dairy

If you missed Last Weekend, Part 1 - Glen Helen, scroll below this post.

Young's Dairy Farm is an annual fall must do in our family. We usually get our pumpkins here and have our first tasting of pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream.

No matter how cold it is out we must have our ice cream.

Even me!

This guy was fun to look at and even let me pet him but he kept trying to eat my blanket!

M loves to feed farm animals. She could spend her whole day doing just this!

Or this..... thankfully she isn't old enough to be driving just yet!

The 20th of this month marked our 3 month anniversary of having K in our lives. So much has changed with this little girl in this short amount of time. She has become much more relaxed in her surroundings and we are learning more and more about her with each day.

For example, we didn't know she was an expert pumpkin picker outer.

I see it! Over there, that's the one!!

Follow me, I'll show you....

Perfect pumpkin!

And a perfect day!

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