Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas First's

This year marks many first Christmas moments for K. Ah, the Christmas season. The season of joy, happiness and of giving. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward man...

For some of us it's old hat to be sitting on Santa's lap...

The wonder and magic in a child's face..... (Santa - stuck between naughty and nice)

The Merriment, Joy and wonder of the moment.

(Please note Santa is clutching his heart... I swear I heard him mutter, My God what was that...)

Let's not let this moment pass (without trying again with Daddy's help) so that we will remember it forever.....

Of course there are some moments that aren't so Christmas scary.

Opening the Advent Calendar stocked full of chocolate has become a nice end of night Christmas tradition.

No problem here and don't need Daddy's help.

Merry Christmas - May you have a magical unforgettable Holiday!!!