Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anchors Away!!!

Woo Hoo! This is our first blog entry to document our forthcoming travel adventures to China where we will finally meet our new daughter. To be known on this blog as K.

We started this process back in 2005 gathering and completing massive amounts of documents, homestudies, inspections, etc. Our paperwork was shipped off to China and received there (LID) on 3/14/06, and then....we waited.... and waited.....and waited....and oops, redid the paperwork over because it has expired....and waited again. Oops, that pesky paperwork had to be redone one more time and yes, we waited. We developed great powers of zenlike calm and serenity (not really). We got the nursery ready but surprisingly not done yet! We just didn't have enough time....

On May 21st we got THE call from our adoption agency. They notified us that a beautiful, cheeky, lovely, cheeky, 11 month old, did I say cheeky girl was waiting just for us. This is the information we have on her. Did I say she has kissable cheeks? Okay, her birthday is June 26th, 2008 which happens to be the same date as our other daughter, M. K is at the Chenzhou orphanage in the Hunan province. We hope to be traveling this summer.

Follow along with us on our once in a lifetime adventure to bring our daughter home!!