Friday, July 31, 2009

It Figures!!!

Well, wouldn't you know it. Our last day here and we can access our blog and post pictures. The hard part is what pictures to post. I have only the past two weeks of hundreds of pictures to choose from. We are in Hong Kong now. Tomorrow we fly out on our 17+hr flight with a little girl that really doesn't like to sit in one place long. Should be an interesting flight.... But looking back over the past couple of weeks these are but a few of the moments stand out..

Great Wall - I can think of a whole lot of other names to call it.....

The Food!

Of Course, FIMA day. Finally In My Arms...or really dad's arms. This was after about 40 minutes of letting us know she didn't appreciate being separated from her nannies.

The best group of babies ever!!

The best people to be sharing this journey with!

And the best guides ever! Bob and Xi Xi, if you are reading this we once again say "chicken, chicken"
for all that you have done for us! We will miss you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We haven't been posting to the blog as much as we had hoped. Mainly, when we have time, which is after K is down for the night, we talk about the day and fall into bed tired. Also, the internet connection is slow and putting a post out requires more time than usual. But here are some tidbits of times that will stand out in our memory over the past two days...

Medical Exam - Most of the babies in our group received IV's before we received them. We were told they were sick and we are guessing they were hydrated through an IV. Really don't know but when we showed up for the medical exam K took one look at the doctor wearing a mask and had a melt down. The exam itself is fast and not invasive. We are shuttled through three rooms. One room weighs and measures, one room looks at ears, mouth and sees if she can track objects with her eyes. And the last was listening to her heart and checking her belly and body out. In all, took about 10 minutes. One doctor told me "she has two teeth". I had to correct him, she has 6 teeth. Like I said, not an in depth exam. Thankfully the doctors back home don't wear masks and I hope this will help make future exams a more pleasant experience.

Shopping - customer service at a new level. The minute you walk into a store at least two people will attach themselves to you and constantly show you stuff, tell you about stuff and in between it all ask the same questions you have heard from every other store attendant. "Oh, you have a pretty baby, where is she from?" "How old is she?" "How long are you staying here?" At one point I turned to both the ladies that were trailing me and said "I really like to shop alone" and they said "yes, yes, okay" and proceeded to still show me stuff, get in my face and play with K so much she had another melt down. Someone needs to tell the shop attendants we would buy so much more if they left us in peace but we understand why they are pushing their wares. Our guide tells us that adoption here has slowed so much and these shops are struggling because of it. Most of the shops on the island cater to us adoptive families. Baby items galore. Alot of stores have shut down due to the slowdown in adoptions. Girls stand on corners and when they see you ask if they can take you to their shop. Its very interesting but tiring after awhile.

Food - Most of our group agrees that the food in Changsha was better than the food here on the island. The food here is not spicy. The people here feel that being by the water provides enough "spice" in their lives and in order to ying/yang the food can not be spicy also. But we've had some standout dishes. Everyone that tried the pigeon said it was good, even the head. Thank that stars I'm a vegetarian - no pigeon head for me. Had a nice red bean, mango dish that I know I'll be trying to duplicate once home.

In other updates: Captains back is about the same. Still managing with drugs. He has a doctors appt lined up for the next day he is back. K is doing well but super attached to me. Makes it difficult at times but we are hanging in there. We both miss M big time and can't wait to be home.

Miss ice cubes in drinks, not worrying about water, cooler weather and our big soft bed.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello Everyone! So sorry its been awhile since we were able to last blog. We are in Guangzhou now and as I type I'm watching a thunderstorm roll in. Weather is still hot but manageable here due to the breeze from the water surrounding this little island. The pace is slower than Beijing and Changsha. Not as many bicycles or scooters. The past few days have been hard. Captains back went out from a combination of the hard Changsha bed, holding our little squirmy girl and sitting while doing paperwork. He has gone twice to the local Changsha hospital, a experience that he doesn't want to repeat. His sciatica is being managed by lots of pain meds and we hope to get home without it getting worse.

Tomorrow K gets her medical exam and then its just exploring this island a bit more. Sorry we can't post pictures yet. Still having internet troubles.

K is doing well, eats alot... really alot and has become velcro baby to me. Trying to go to the bathroom by myself is an experience. Our room here at the Victory Annex has a long curved hall within it. We hold crawling races but K cheats by standing up and walking midway. Yes, she is up and cruising as much as possible.

Ths storm now is building up so I will try to post later. Don't want to lose this post if power goes out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have a big day ahead of us. We are going to a local park to "see" the eclipse and walk around, then headed to the embroidery factory. Doesn't sound big but the heat is still around 100 or so and K isn't liking the baby carrier so she bounces back and forth between her daddy and me. We'll see if she likes the stroller today. Yesterday she officially, according to China, became ours. We had to promise to love her and never abandon her. Had no problem doing that. Talked with the asst Director of the orphanage. K has a reputation of being a big eater. That was something she didn't have to tell us!

Dear M,

K doesn't like her baths at all. You are going to have to show her how fun they can be. We miss you so much sweetheart and wish we were all back home now.

Can't post pictures to the blog, still getting in through a "back door" and don't have posting picture options. Also can't post peoples comments. Just know we are reading them and thank you for your words/thoughts.

Monday, July 20, 2009

K joins our family

But it was really bumpy at first. When all of us 7 families reached the Civil Affairs office we could see through a door all the nannies with the babies. One nanny holding the hands of K and walking her around. I knew her right away, those cheeks and hair. She wasn't afraid of us as we knelt down to say hello. We offered her a toy, she checked it out and threw it down. She was staring at us but we were staring right back. Suddenly they start saying in Chinese and our guide says in English, "we're starting". This is when the chaos begins. One by one a family is called up and baby is handed off. It is fast and hard to get pictures. Everyone seems to be doing fine and then we are called. K is okay until she is handed to me and then the crying starts. Not soft whimpers, this little one can really throw a temper tantrum. She was constantly looking around for her nanny, broke my heart. Our guide suggested we walk outside. For about a half hour she didn't let up until we were on the bus and started singing to her. She hasn't fussed since but scans the Asian woman of the hotel and I know she is looking for someone familiar. Otherwise she is a happy baby, loves to play with stacking cups and peek-a-boo. She has slept through the night and is still sleeping.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are in Changsha!

Today was a travel day from Beijing to Changsha. We got up early which is very easy since jetlag is still happening. We went to a little airport outside of Beijing. This airport was really small, just 3 departure gates which I think served as arrival gates also. We walked very far on the tarpac to our plane which was an old United airplane still equipped with cigarette ashtrays. They served lunch which consisted of some strange mystery meat on a bun. Tim liked it. Also lunch included a bag of candy made from squid, also according to Tim good. The flight took about 2 hours. Temp in Changsha today reach 103, yesterday was a high of 105, the highest in 5 years. Lucky us. Tomorrow at 10:30 we leave to go to the civil affairs office to receive our daughter. Our hotel room is now equipped with a crib, baby bath, baby bowl and stroller. All is ready, even us! Hope K is ready for us too.

M - we will skype as soon as possible. We love you!

Mom and Dad
p.s. we are posting to the blog through a back door so post may look strange and no pictures yet. May try at some point to post pictures to Flickr. Will let you all know how to access.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One down, Six to Go

Dear M,

We have arrived in Newark. Our first plane trip out of seven is over. We saw this out our window.

And this.... Do you know what it is?

We are now waiting to board our next plane to Beijing in about 2 and a half hours. Then we will be on that plane for about another 14 hours.

Hope you are having fun with your cousins!

We love you!

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shouldn't you be packing?

Yes, I probably should be packing. Afterall, the clothing Captain and I plan on taking are in the dryer and everything else is packed more or less....

Of course, just like that a little thing can totally disrupt the packing plan. A little thing say, like a red crayon that got in
the dryer.

Captain is, as I type this, at the store buying a number of products that, when mixed, were recommended to get this type of stain out. Otherwise, well.....I just don't know. Do we need travel clothes?

Monday, July 13, 2009

24 hours + a little

In a little over 24 hours we will be headed to Beijing. Rounding up and taking care of the little odds and ends. Since we will be gone some time we decided to "tidy up" the garden. This is what we pulled out of it.


Red Pepper
Short and Sweet Carrots

Had some cherry tomatoes but M ate them so they aren't in the picture.

I try not to think about it but its going to be very hard to leave this little one behind.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yea Hoo! Updates!

I am so tickled and can't stop crying!!!! We received an email full of updated photo's and information about K.

Here is what we know:

Height: 27.2"
Weight: 17.6 lbs
Teeth: 4/2 (?)
Foot: 4.3"

She is eating formula with rice, rice and mashed meat, egg and noodles.
She is sleeping from 7 to 7 with an hour nap.
Her playmates are Chen Yun Yue, Chen Wen Yue, Chen Yu Heng
She is crawling and can walk a few steps.
She is an active and restless baby.

And.... here are the photos!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gotcha, not! FIMA, yes.

Within the adoption community the term "Gotcha" refers to the day when you finally get your child. Our Gotcha day is scheduled for 7/20.

I really don't like the term "Gotcha". It is what I usually say when I swat a mosquito. This makes it hard to translate the feeling into something joyous and beautiful.

I've imagined that "Gotcha" day often over the past 3+ years. Imagined the weight of her settling in my arms, the smell of her. Will she be crying or smiling? Will she be confused about the chaos that will be surrounding her and us.

In the end, she will be Finally In My Arms - FIMA day. It's not catchy, no one in the adoption community is familiar with it, but Gotcha it isn't.

Its FIMA for me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seven Days

In seven days we will be on our way to Beijing. I can not wait! We will be that much closer to seeing K and don't get me wrong I'm completely peeing in my pants in anticipation of us being together but also... it will be so sweet to plop my butt on a plane with absolutely nothing to do but watch the clouds go by. It has been a busy couple of weeks getting ready for this trip and I'm ready for it to be over. The gifts for officials, nannies, facilitators have been purchased. Just in case prescriptions for Captain, me and K have been ordered and filled. Clothing for 100+ temp and humidity days are being put aside. The pets will have someone here at the house looking after them and we are pulling together goodies for M to have while we are away.

Among all of this we've been able to spend some time with visiting family during the fourth of July week. Among the fun, water games, fireworks and of course, small town parade.

M and her cousins watching the floats go by..

Sidenote: On the side, go ahead look over to the right, near the top.. We wanted to have a weather bug so you can all follow along with the current weather we will be experiencing in China. Unfortunately we can not figure how to keep it on one location. Our weather bug loves NY and will default to show what you can expect if you are heading out to a Broadway show or Central Park. Until we figure this out, feel free to click on "edit" and type in Beijing, Changsha, Guangzhou or Hong Kong. Just remember you'll probably be seeing China night temps unless you are up at 1am, can't sleep and decided to check on us.

p.s. we don't live in NY.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Posting from email

We just found out a few days ago that we can post from an email.  Here's our first time trying it out.