Sunday, September 27, 2009

This one is for Elizabeth

My mommy is so proud of me! I actually kept this clip in my hair most of the day. I know she was very jealous of you, Elizabeth.

Today I go to get my first haircut! Mommy plans on feeding me while they are cutting my hair. Something to do with no fussing, screaming or whatever.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another day, another park but....

today my friend A and her son T joined us. The day served as a good reminder that I must get K into a playgroup. She loves being around other kids and was smiling and happy the rest of day! Thanks A for suggesting the get together.

This is T getting the stacking cups ready for K to push over.

Do you even remember when this simple act of pushing over cups could be so fun?

After pushing cups around, playing with other toys and snacking, we decided to actually get up and walk around.

And saw sleeping ducks and what appears to be a river sharks fin coming out of the water ..... or a rock, whatever..

We saw a Kingfisher. Sorry not such a good picture.

And we saw the hawk that was trying to catch the Kingfisher.

And K looked for something good to eat.

Thanks T for playing with K and making her day a fun one!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Notes from K

Hello, this is K. Mom hasn't been blogging much. Nothing new to report but this is what's going on in my world.

My sister got new gym shoes!

When she gets home from school we read together.

Mom says "oh gross, no-no" but this is where the food comes from and how I let her know I'm hungry......I'm always hungry.

Sometimes I just fall asleep.

But I always have the feeling that someone is watching. Do you feel a draft?

Hopefully when mom gets over her sniffles we will do something more exciting to post about!