Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving, it's not...

Warning: I'm climbing up on my soapbox. By the way, how big were soapboxes back in the day that anyone with anything to say thought this would be the handy way of getting one's point across?

I digress.

About 2 weeks ago, while driving along, I switched the radio to a favorite channel and what do you think I heard???? Christmas music! Not a Christmas song for every 5 songs in between the regular pop hits, but Christmas tunes all the time, 24 hours a day. I have a real, and let me stress real, pet peeve about the Christmas hoopla before Thanksgiving. I want to honor Thanksgiving. We have much to be truly thankful for such as bringing our daughter home from China, and, how about my sister not getting seriously injured when her car (her brand new car) was hit by someone running a red light. Or, especially in these times, the job we still have, the roof over our head, and the food on our table.

Let us not sweep Thanksgiving under a pile of Black Friday ads and the 20lbs of catalogs you pull from your mailbox with covers screaming at you that you only have so many days to order that special gift for it to ship in time for Christmas!!! Hurry!!!! Hurry!!! You don't want to miss out on this deal!

With all that being said and with the phenomenal weather we've been having lately.... guess what I did last night???? Yes, me.... go ahead and guess......

Yes, I went to see this! Our zoo has a fantastic display of Christmas lights. How could I not go, Hubby's parents called and invited us, the weather was good for a night's stroll and it was so beautiful.

Look at that blue. So blue and icy looking.

K was taking it all in. Her first big Christmas light display! She was equally enamored with the ducks in the lake.

M played with the local wildlife.

So, in closing.. I am very thankful I went last night and will leave you with this short video. If I don't post again before Thursday, Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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