Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reunions and Weeki Wachee

I'm posting pictures from the last couple of days. We had our long awaited reunion with one family that was part of our adoption travel group. The McDonalds, Patrick, Jennifer and little Elizabeth although I don't think I can call her little Elizabeth any longer. She has grown and is taller than Kelly but Kelly can still take her in the weight department. Elizabeth reminds me of Molly, tall and lean... I was in awe watching her, amazed at the changes from not even a year ago, that I was not focused on taking good pictures and it shows. My pictures turned out to be less than stellar.. I hope the McDonalds got better shots. Regardless I am humbled by the bond that I feel with the McDonalds and all the others in our China travel group. A group of people from all over this country that, by alot of bumps along a roller coaster ride of trying to build a family, end up together and now share an incredible experience that continues to play such an important part in our lives. Our daughters stories will be told with these folks being a big part of it.

Kelly is fussing because, well, she fusses but also she was coming down with an ear infection, fever and sore throat. And she was jealous of Elizabeth. And she was probably hungry... And.... etc.... later this night we were in urgent care getting scripts for her cold. AND this was after Molly was in urgent care that morning with the same. I love vacations....

You want to know whats crazy about this shot. Jennifer is holding Kelly. Those of us that know Kelly get it.

I loved watching Molly and Elizabeth together. I think they recognized kindred spirits in each other. The same energy.

Until we meet again......

And now some pics from....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Florida Fun

Florida vacation pictures! Having Fun!

I love this picture. Kelly standing ready with fork in hand. Anything edible lands itself on the beach she'll be ready!

Will post more soon!